3 Day Basketball Diet

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The recommended diet for 17 years old basketball players is 3200 calories in a day. In view of the fact that, basketball is a sport that involves players to run and remain in continuous motion for extended periods of time, for that reason, a suitable diet is essential to improve the player’s performance and maintain nutritional goals. Again, what basketball players consumed during the day and before a game might have a positive or harmful effect on their performance. It is crucial to offer the essential nutrients desirable to build, repair and sustain lean body mass as well as boost performance, as the sport requires power and strength. Based on athlete’s 3 –day diet record, the recommended daily calorie intake is 3200 and client …show more content…

Another, deficiency for 3-day diet record is dietary fiber, the recommended fiber intake for the athlete is 38 g a day, but he consumed 36 g which is slightly below average, however, the recommended diet met the dietary need by including more fruits and vegetables to the athlete’s diet. Though, an athlete’s should follow the dietary guidelines for fiber intake by consuming a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. According to the joint position statement, the pre-exercise meal should supple adequate fluid to retain hydration, low in fat and fiber to assist gastric emptying and reduce gastrointestinal upset, but reasonably high in carbohydrates to boost continuance of blood glucose, also normal intake of protein, and made up of common foods and well acceptable by the athlete2. In addition, to nutrient deficiency for 3-day diet record is the mineral potassium, the average target is 4700mg and the athlete’s eaten is 4046mg. The recommended diet met the potassium nutrient requirements by adding more foods that are high in potassium such as banana in his diet. The reason, potassium is essential for this athlete is because, it helps to maintain a steady balance of fluid all through the body , nerve transmission and transfer of electricity from cell to cell3, which is crucial to a steady heart rhythm and also appropriate for muscle functioning. Since,

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