The Reflection Of Collaborative Health And Human Services

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Collaborative Health and Human Services has changed the way I see things in life. My perspective changed instantly once I started my internship with Monterey County Behavioral Health. I saw the importance and need of more bilingual social workers in the Mental Health sector and social workers just in general. Kiser (2015) mentions that “Most graduates of human services programs report that their field experiences were among the most important, valuable, and enjoyable part of their professional preparation.” I agree, I have grown professionally quite a bit since I began my internship and I realized how important Mental Health is and how it can affect everyone one way or another.
Being in the office and researching mental health, I noticed that clients are in need of becoming educated about Mental Health because they are affected by the stigma around it. I feel passionate about serving, advocating, and educating clients on the importance of Mental Health. For long years, I was not sure what career path to take, my internship and the 396s course has helped me figure out that I am really in the correct major. Now throughout this reflection I will be discussing about social justice, how my agency is addressing the issue, potential projects, analysis of my time at the agency, and steps to prepare for next semester. My overall experience as well, I love my site.
Social justice has never been a subject that I have been interested in because I never really understood the concept.

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