The Reflection Of Maddy Wausen Syndrome In 'Everything, Everything'

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Image being allergic to the world, and being stuck in a house for 17 years of your life. For me I know I would feel so trapped I would get so many diseases from just having this one disease. In the movie Everything, Everything Amandla Stenberg plays Maddy Whittier who was told by her mother that she has severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) at a very young age. It’s hard to believe how someone can live in a life and only be confined to one place. Finally, when Maddy turn 18 she couldn’t take it anymore she had to leave can explore, finding out that she doesn’t even have the disease. Everything, Everything expresses disability in many ways, one is a wrongful depiction of SCID, living your whole life with a disease that you never had, …show more content…

He hung up photos of the ocean on the window for her to feel how it feels to be by the ocean. Finally, when Maddy could not take being indoors anymore she went to Olly and she asks him to go with her to Hawaii which he came to her rescue again. Maddy displayed as a heroic suicide because at the time when she went to Hawaii she did not know how her body would react. She could have died and she did not care because if it meant she had to die to feel how life feels she would do it. Then Maddy finds out that she never had the disability. This is what we learned in class about having a happy ending. We were given a disability, but in the end, we find out that she does not have a disease, that she is cured giving it a happy ending. In an article on Teen Vogue, the write Leary mentions, “For black disabled teens, it could be particularly heartbreaking to find out that Maddy isn’t, after all, just like them, because she isn’t really disabled (Leary)." To me, this reminds me of what we learned about the minstrel shows and how blacks didn't have equal rights as whites in shows, and Leary is mentioning the same thing in her statement, but with the disabled community. Maddy’s mother Pauline also has a disability her disability is Munchausen syndrome by proxy. Pauline sheltered her daughter her whole life she told her that she had a severe combined immunodeficiency. Which Maddy did not have, but Pauline still had nurses come check her vitals and give her

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