The Reflection Of The Old Testaments In The Bible

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Growing up in the Presbyterian Church, I was always reading the bible; not only in church but also at home. When you grow up in a Calvinist tradition, you are encouraged not only to read the bible, but also to glean from it what you can and learn to interpret its meanings for yourself. While the new testament came easy to me and I felt pretty confident in interpreting its parables and allegories, when reading the old testament, (the NIV translation was the version I usually used) I felt like I wasn’t getting the whole message and/or that something got lost in translation. I was confused about things like why if God loved us so much that he was willing to sacrifice himself for us, the same God would do something like the Great Flood. I was also confused about if why the Israelites were God’s ‘chosen people’ they constantly turned away from him and his message. Also, as a Presbyterian we did not focus on the Old Testament as much because I was taught that some of its messages had become antiquated and for lack of a better word ‘insignificant’ after, “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. (John 1:14)” Continuing into my college life I left the Presbyterian Church and found something closer to home in the Roman Catholic Faith which had some dogmatic answers to some of my missing pieces. I began RCIA classes and about midway through I was asked to leave when I would not hide my sexual orientation; while I had fallen in love with the Mass and the saints and the blessed Virgin,

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