The Reichstag Building

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The Reichstag building was originally built to house the Reichstag which is the first German Empire).An architect named Paul Wallot when he designed the building intended it to “resemble the look of a Renaissance palace through the weimar classicism movement” and the foundation was put into place on June 9th 1884.The building reflected Italian renaissance, Gothic, and baroque styles, this was a controversial move, and the building was criticized, one article goes on to say "a building that presented a different appearance on nearly every façade and yet another different one in the cupola. It was a building that could not decide what it wanted. Or rather, it was supposed to be an expression of imperial unity and at the same time deep division in the German Empire and of a parliament 's powerlessness to become master in its own house."
During the Weimar Republic, the Reichstag experienced a period of true parliament, which began with Philipp Scheidemann in 1918, announcing from a window on the west side of the Reichstag, that “Germany was a German Republic. “This statement sparked a revolution, and sent Berlin into a state of turmoil, which lasted a few months, then in 1919 a new constitution was drawn up to mark an era of a new parliamentary democracy.The Nazi Germany period before 1939, the Reichstag had the entry of the NSDAP Brownshirts, later known as the Nazi party; this would mark the end of the Weimar Republic. The Nazi party gradually gained more and more

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