The Relationship Between Architecture And The Human Body

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The Relationship between Architecture and the Human Body
The human body is the ultimate tool for discovering the environment. Human anatomy is considered to be nature’s peak of perfection and certain features serve as inspiration for many architects. To study the relationship between the human body and architecture, one must not be limited to human body parts resemblance to architectural works but to a larger extent consider human emotions, sensory nerves, the mind and general human psychology. In essence everything that makes us human. In its simplest definition Architecture can be described as an art or practice of designing buildings. It is practiced in a way that accomplishes both practical and communicative or expressive requirements.
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Sense of place means a metal appreciation of environment and the creation of feeling among the viewers in relation to the environment. A place unlike space is mixed with human values and principles. Phenomenology of sense of place in Architecture explores ontological character of humans and recognition that setting is an integral ontological structure essential for human psychological existence. The long-term relationship between people and places establishes meanings and identities with the physical environment hence creating a sense of place. Before a structure can be generated, the designer must “know” the place on an intimate and deep level based on the existing patterns, forces and energies of a site. This is done through exploration and analysis using systems of mapping and documentation. The patterns and webs develop a unique portrait of the site. The dynamics of the place begin to reveal themselves as tangible data that is then used as the generative information of the architecture. To design an architecture is to engage in the act of placement and the success of such a design is determined by how effective it
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