The Relationship Between Frida Kahlo And Diego Rivera

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Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, two Mexican artists, entered into a consensually non-monogamous relationship. Frida was very well aware that it was not in Diego to be a monogamous man. We know this because she answered the question of why she puts up with his affairs like this; “Look, Diego is how he is, and that is how I love him. I cannot love him for what he is not. (Clancy Sigal).” These relationships are basically ways to engage in sex outside of the relationship but they differ from cheating because the partner is aware. Different types of non-monogamous relationships include partner swapping, swinging and polyamory (Pappas). Studies are just beginning to be started about consensual non-monogamy, but there is some evidence that these …show more content…

Because Frida and Diego both were involved in relationships that were more about fun and novelty than actual love, they might be called swingers (Scheff). She engaged in several bisexual relationships while he could not stay away from his models that he painted. They are among an estimated 4-5% of Americans who enter into non-monogamous relationships (Scheff). Some say that long term non-monogamous relationships give participants a larger pool of resources to draw from such as more money, help with childcare, love, sex and sleep …show more content…

Going back to the toast at Frida and Diego’s wedding, marriage was stated to be a political act that occurred in the name of tradition. Monogamy is also enforced by culture, economics, social factors and it is the normal thing to do (Robinson). As we saw in the movie, Frida’s mother was highly opposed to her marriage to Diego because he had been divorced twice already and because he was a Communist; her fear was that he would not be good to Frida. Even in society today, when a man and woman are not monogamous, they are frowned upon or referred to in derogatory terms. Research shows that promiscuity raised the likelihood of reproduction and survival, but monogamy worked where there was a low female to male ratio, limiting men’s options (Borreli, Are Humans Naturally Monogamous?).
Until Diego crossed the boundaries of having sex with Frida’s sister, their relationship seemed to work for them. Borreli noted that researchers found non-monogamous people have specific differences in how their brain responded to reward, described as a cheater’s high, attributed to mutations in receptor genes that respond to the hormone vasopressin. Maybe Diego really was on to something when he told Frida he was physically incapable of being

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