The Relationship Of Food And Body

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The Relationship of Food and Body

An epic style, with an intensely personal focus, Squalevella’s “Like Water For Chocolate” narrates the story of Tita De La Garza, a daughter, youngest in her a family living in Mexico. Each chapter of the story begins with a recipe. The author describes Tita’s sensitivity to onions. She uses the relationship between food and body as a means of communication and transferal in this novel. Firstly, the kitchen is a site of birth, heritage, and nourishment which provides a significant link between body and food. Throughout the novel, Tita uses food to convey her emotions to others. In one dish, she communicates her longing and sadness to Rosaura and Pedro’s wedding guests. Passion and emotion in this context are used to show the basic needs of the body. The structure of the physical work relies mostly on food which helps to narrate and put into focus the memories and lives of the De la Garza family. Setting the primary thesis of the book as “food and body”, Squalevella clearly depicts the kitchen as a place where children are born, fed, and raised, and the family food recipes and stories are passed down to future generations.

Squalevella structures her work in the present but most of the narration details are given on events that happened in the past. The first chapter prefaces this structure of the work in which the kitchen is the centrality, where food and body are inseparable. When Tita is two days old, her father suffers a heart attack
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