The Relationship between the Colonel and Sabas in "No One Writes to the Colonel"

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Our first encounter with Sabas is at the funeral of the musician that had died a natural death which was not common in that area. At this point there is no sign of Sabas’ wealth or his impertinence. In this section of the novel we are told that Sabas is the Godfather of the colonel’s son who is no more. “It was Sabas, the godfather of his dead son, the only leader of his party who had escaped political persecution and had continued to live in the town” [p.7]. In quote, Gabriel gives us some background information on Sabas’ professional life and states that he is a failed politician. At this point the reader gets an idea of his personality considering the fact that Sabas had escaped the criminal prosecution that he was charged with.
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However, coming back to the relationship of these two characters, Gabriel somewhat shows Sabas’ nature towards the colonel. “Have the doctor take a look at you my friend” [p.38]. Sabas had been noticing that the colonel had been acting strange ever since the funeral took place. Concerning the colonel’s health, Sabas tries to get him to seek help and guidance. Is this concern genuine or is he showing an artificial affection? It is not exactly clear.
An important part of the novel where we see Sabas’ devious character is when he shouts at his wife without much of a reason. “Close your mouth for a minute, he ordered his wife…You’ve been bothering my friend for half an hour with your foolishness” [p.40]. Anyone would know that it is not right talking to a woman like that especially in front of a guest. I don’t think that the colonel would have been impressed with this behavior of Sabas.
On page 46, we are informed, indirectly, about the affluence of Sabas through the following quotes. “But he is Dying of diabetes…the best cure for diabetes is poverty” [p.46]. These quotes were taken from the discussion between the colonel and the doctor. Saying that the best cure for diabetes is poverty only states that Sabas had been living a wealthy lifestyle eating and drinking whatever he wanted to.
Another example of Sabas’ greediness is when he offers the colonel 400 pesos instead of what he promised which was 900 pesos. This may not seem like a lot of money but
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