The Renaissance And Ending With Rococo Styles Of Art

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Beginning with the Renaissance and ending with Rococo styles of art, artistry has shifting styles between the 14th and late 18th century. Each period represents a new and unique way of representing art, and a few works of art perfectly explain the values between these periods. Values such as how the body looks and moves, to dramatic scenes that spark interest or thought, and finally the indulgence of pleasure, shedding off the worries of life in aristocracy.

The Renaissance was the first period that we met with after the Dark Ages. This cultivated a time in art where the artist questioned more about the human body but staying true to the religious bonds that dictated art just an age ago. Subjects like muscle tone, scenery, and linear perspective were used during this time, and the human body was celebrated as something beautiful. Here we saw more use of Contrapposto, which was almost a standard by this time, and sculptures felt as if they were flowing and able to move when you walked by them.

To more visually analyze the Renaissance and it 's style, we can take a look at Michaelangelo 's David, which displays the human body in it 's finest form. Here, it shows David preparing for the battle with Goliath. He 's pondering and, thanks to scientists dissecting the human body during this time, his muscles are in near-perfect positions. We can see more realism during this time, and by that I mean how the body actually functions and moves rather than a stiff, perfectly

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