The Renaissance And The Enlightenment

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Renaissance Values and Enlightenment Ideals
- Conflict or Progress on the Same Journey? The Renaissance and the Enlightenment are two significant periods in world history, specifically in European history. The Renaissance and the Enlightenment have distinctive characteristics, but share the notion of being periods of discovery in many aspects of life. Each period has its own set of beliefs, values, and ideals otherwise known as a “worldview”. It can be thought of as a framework of principles through which people interpret the world, and how society should be shaped. The Renaissance is focused on the artistic side of human life. However, the Enlightenment is more intellectual in focus and that advancement has shaped the modern view of an open, progressive and culturally diverse society enjoyed today. Data gathered by three eminent historians provides evidence that the Enlightenment is indeed a continuation of mankind’s cultural development from the humanistic grounding in Renaissance and as such can be regarded as progress on the same journey. These historians are: Isaac Kramnick, Professor of Government, Cornell University, Anthony Pagden, Professor of Political Science and History, University of California and Andrew George Lehmann previously Emeritus Professor Buckingham University. The Renaissance is recognised as the period between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries that gave significant contributions to the arts, architecture and engineering, as well as

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