The Repeat Offenders Project

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The Repeat Offenders project is one that presents some concepts as pertains repeat offending. This project, as earlier defined, was created with an aim of reducing the rates of recidivism. In it, unique mechanisms of dealing with this problem have been presented through some of the mechanisms presented already been implemented either fully or partially in different nations. Despite the similarities that may exist between the concepts presented in this project with those implemented in other nations, these are presented in a manner that gives them some uniqueness since the approach in their implementation is one of its own kind. This paper serves to compile all the concepts which have been presented so far under this project, citing the …show more content…

Governments have over the years been forced to spend massive funds in arresting and detaining criminals who relapse back to the crime the moment they are released. Research according to (BJS, 2014), has proven that within a period of five years, three out of four malefactors who initially were punished for crimes relapse back to similar or different criminal activities. Many nations have already put in place mechanisms to counter this problem in vain. It is for this reason that this unique project has been presented and needs to be handled with the importance and urgency that it deserves.
The background of this project is based on an in-depth analysis of repeat offending. This entails the factors responsible or contributing to recidivism. Research has proven that most of the repeat malefactors are the kids who were exposed to violence at a very early age, those who did not attain very high levels of education, those who have got minor to serious psychological problems, the unemployed who have some low level education as well as those involved in the abuse of hard drugs. Effectively dealing with this problem thus lies in dealing with these issues. Arresting criminals and subjecting them to the greatest of punishments has not seemed to work so far because after the punishment, for as long as the underlying factors remain constant, one will always forget the consequences of crime and relapse back to it if an

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