The Representation Of Democratic Democracy

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Elections in America

The role of elections in America is to serve the representative democracy. In a representative democracy one person represents the voting patterns, and acknowledgements of other people. American citizens, who cast votes to improve delegation problems, solve coordination problems, and pick an agent over another serve representative democracy in American elections. American elections serve this goal by creating campaigns, advertising on television, and by free information being delivered to its citizens.
Campaigns are not so cheap, as millions of dollars are spent in just campaigning for a candidate during Presidential elections. “Each campaign emphasizes selected facts and cues aimed at getting at least a plurality of voters to the polls” (499, 6th edition). The goal of campaigns is to communicate the meaning of the election to the American citizens. The various facts and cues delivered to American citizens in different campaigns helps the citizens choose which presidential candidate would be their best pick. “Candidates and campaigns are also encouraged by elections to help solve the immense amount of coordination problem, which are confronted by millions of American citizen voters doing their best to act mutually to control or change their agents” (521, 6th edition). All candidates and campaigns do their best to communicate to the people that they are the best by explaining their motives and showing that they are the right and best candidates running

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