The Representation Of Native Americans

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Analysis Based on the results of this study, some of the participants think things have improved while others think that there is room for improvement when it comes to the representation of Native Americans in media. The participants were between the ages of 18 and 60. Stephanie says that some people (particularly from other countries), still think that native people still live in teepees and dress the way that they used to. It has been noted that popular media overwhelmingly depicts Native people as living in the past. What it comes down to is that these old movies tend to brainwash people on the real image of the American Indian. Surprisingly, Hollywood hasn’t affected their perception of their ancestry. Out of the participants that I contacted, Stephanie was the only one who had time to do a face to face interview. When interviewing Stephanie, her expression was calm and straight the whole time. She really had to think on some of the questions and made a couple of pauses here and there. One thing that Stephanie, Jennifer, and Rachel all agreed on was that representations have improved somewhat, but there is still room for more. They also suggested that a lot of people still don’t fully understand. Scott only answered the last question because it was the only one that he was willing to answer. However, according to him, he didn’t believe that Native American representation in the media has improved, not even a little bit. Instead he suggested that the

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