The Republic, By Plato

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In his text, The Republic, Plato leads us through an elaborate thought experiment in which he creates the ideal city. Throughout The Republic Plato constructs the laws and societal structures of what he deems will lead to a high functioning society. He names this city Kallipolis. A cornerstone of Kallipolis’ structure is Plato’s principle of specialization. The Principle of Specialization argues that each member of society must do the job in which he is best suited. Plato explains “The result, then, is that more plentiful and better-quality goods are more easily produced if each person does one thing for which he is naturally suited, does it at the right time, and is released from having to do any of the others.” (Plato, 370c) Therefore, …show more content…

In contrast, American women hold a minor role in political participation. With only 84 of 435 seats, women face more challenges in American politics than men. (Catalyst) For example, we can look at the most recent election where Hillary Clinton was the victim to many implicit gender bias’. In order to elect the most qualified person to lead a country shouldn’t gender be taken out of the equation? Plato’s approach focuses on electing those who are most qualified and justly, eliminates gender as a factor. In addition, I believe that Kallipolis’ is more just than America in terms of gender equality in the workplace. Similar to the selection of the ruling class in Kallipolis, the employment of the working class in Kallipolis is gender blind. I believe that focusing solely on skill completely eliminates the gender seclusion that is prevalent in many fields such as nursing and engineering. For example, women make up only 10% of physics professors across all American Universities. (Singh) In physics and many similar fields, women face stereotypes and implicit bias’ that often impact their professional advancement. How does gender affect someone 's ability to teach physics? It doesn’t. Although America has advanced from what it used to be in terms of gender equality, it is still far from a just society. Adopting the beliefs of Plato would allow deserving women to advance in fields such as computer

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