The Republic Of Plato 's Republic

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Though we’ve discussed many kinds of governments, ideal cities and even ideal rulers over the course of the semester, from Aristotle’s Politics to the city described in the Melian dialogue, there is one that undoubtedly left a greater on me than the other- the city described in Plato’s Republic. From Plato’s remarkably feminist ideals and vague sense of barebones socialism, there’s a lot in this city that I hypothetically would throw my support behind. This is not to say that I think that this is the “best” option of the cities that we studied options, or even that it would even work if applied to real life. However, the ideas brought up about how to create this city and what would be required of all it’s citizens in order to make it work are undeniably fascinating and are never black or white. But what I love about the Republic, and why it so personally resonates with and has impacted me, is that it brings up interesting questions about morality and how far one should go in order to create a perceived “perfect society”. Questions that there is no easy answer to.
First and foremost, I want to talk about Plato’s ideas of specialization and what it entails. In the book, Before Socrates has begun building his perfect city, he is asked what Justice is. A long conversation and debate ensues where finally Socrates essentially says that justice is filling out your role in society. This turns out to be a pillar in the society he will create, seeing as his ideal city is dependent…
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