A Report On A Government System

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A responsible government is the one that is open to its people and that accounts for its actions to the people or its representatives. It takes into account the constitution and situation his country to take decisions necessary for wellbeing of the population. Failure to observe this deontology is an obstacle to democracy and leads to a situation in which are the highest proportion of our states. (historica Canada n.d.). The true causes and the resulting of this phenomenon will be more detailed in the next lines. If it is true that the development of a nation …show more content…

Then comes the problem of the financial institution reticence to invest in economic and political life of their countries, prompting the government to make difficult decisions sometimes going against the wellbeing of the population due to the lack of financial means. (Environmental governance). Then slowly, far from being a regional problem, this scourge is taking an overall appearance because even the major economies are holding more on the matter of profit; for example, if the aspect of profit could be set aside in the proposed Keystone pipeline construction, the United States Senate would have found another way to rally their states with that of CANADA; also if the Congolese government did not fear the loss of Western favors and the loss of personal profit, he would make another use of its resources ranging up to be the largest producer of battery and even phones in the world. (2015,YOUTUBE broadcast).even in our companies this issue is on top of discussion; the way company administrators threat their personal mocking the human rights. looking distraught personal profit growing every day, submission and affected are political and economic actors of life of the population who are the lowest layer, the left out or those whose works benefit others and in return receive almost nothing. For example, the Democratic republic of Congo would be a great global wealth by the side of the

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