The Responsibilities of the Practitioner in Professional Relationships

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Unit 5 E1 The responsibilities of the practitioner in professional relationships: • Following the laws and legislation. • Following policies and procedures. • Maintaining confidentiality • Thinking about the child’s safety and development. • Understanding the importance of teamwork. • Respect views of parents, children • Respect the principles of confidentiality. • Be committed in meeting the needs of children. • Respect parents and carers. • Communicate effectively with parents and other team members and other professionals. Professional practice includes: • Developing relationships with parents. • Understanding your responsibility. • Working as part of a team. • …show more content…

• are knowing on how to act on evidence supporting or evaluating decisions. there are many skills involved in working with children and young people, these are: • experience and the support to reflect and learn from experience. • confidence and the ability to respond in the best possible ways. • being prepared to learn from children, by listening to and observing them. Quality feedback is one important information in helping to build positive

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