The Results of the Survey: The Interesting Trends in Political Beliefs

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Opinion Poll Essay Results The results of the survey actually reflect some interesting trends in political beliefs. The population that was surveyed was from a group of Texans, who are widely considered to be social conservatives. However, the survey results reflect a greater interest in fiscal and international issues than with social issues. Not only were they split about their feelings about President Obama, they also had not supported a constitutional amendment outlawing gay marriage, making illegal immigration a felony offense, were pro-life but not overwhelmingly so, and supported increased taxes on the super-wealthy. Moreover, the results reflected little confidence in Perry as the governor of Texas and even less confidence that he would be able to win the Republican presidential nomination. Ideology The answers in this survey reflect an average moderate ideology. The people were roughly split into half on those issues that are considered most divisive in modern society, such as abortion, gay marriage, and the Buffet Tax. The fact that 59% of respondents voted for Obama in the last election may be taken by some people of evidence of a liberal ideology, however, Obama was far more centrist than the Republican candidates in the 2008 election, and won the election because he was able to capture the moderate vote. Likewise, that Perry found little support in the survey does not mean that people are leaning left; he found little support in Republic primaries
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