The Return Of Fear

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Chapter 1 (8 sections, 42 pages)- The Return of Fear (pgs. 5-47) Originally, Americans wanted to remain isolated from the rest of the world so they could be safe from the dangers of war and European conflicts (I can see why). At the same time, America wanted to be the role model for countries around the world, but World War II made them realize that because they are isolated by the oceans surrounding them, they can no longer serve as a model for the rest of the world. As a result, America 's postwar goal was to involve themselves in world politics to keep peace and make sure that authoritarian governments (such as the Soviet Union) would not overtake Europe (seems like they promoted war than prevented it because they provided so many weapons for other countries). However, the Soviet Union leader, Joseph Stalin, wanted to control all of Europe (just as Hitler had), with a plan to step in and take it over during a war that will occur in the future between rival capitalists, Britain and America, probably since history repeats itself (WW1 was a war between capitalists- true story). After the war ended and the restoration of Europe was in process, Stalin began to overstep his boundaries by sending troops to occupy areas that he was not permitted to (not a very smart decision from Stalin 's side), which angered America and Britain, especially since they were agreeing to his demands that were originally settled between the him and Hitler. Adding the newly-created communist

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