The Revelation of Unexpected Qualities Under Pressure in Markus Zusak’s The Messenger

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Markus Zusak’s post-modern novel, ‘The Messenger’, investigates how people display unforeseen qualities such as empathy, care, selflessness, courage, justice and love when under stress. The messages that Ed Kennedy delivered were primarily focused on Ed’s close friends and family members, of which they too displayed unforeseen qualities. In the act of delivering the messages, he encounters strangers who under the actions undertook by Ed, are affected in their personality and values as a person. As Ed deciphered each message, his capabilities were being tested to the limits and without consciously knowing, he uncovered a deep sense of compassion and benevolence. These attributes would have been non-existent in him if he did not get the …show more content…

Ritchie wasted his life away; Marv had been saving money for ‘someone’ he had yet to meet in life; and Audrey was a serial monogamist who largely had feelings for Ed, but not in an explicit way. At this moment, Ed now has developed his sense of compassion and benevolence, so he now has a desire to help others. Ed see Ritchie at home with ‘nothing to do.’ When Ritchie and Ed go down to the river, Ritchie is slightly pressed on by Ed to talk about his problems; he explains that he feels lost in life and so he wants ‘to want’, meaning he wants to have a life full of prospects and possibilities, unlike his life now. Subsequently, he starts looking for a job, indicating a change to Ritchie’s negative perspective of himself. We come to know of Marv’s missing piece in life as his young daughter. Marv was also pressured by Ed to explain his personal problems …‘when her family left town…there was a reason they just disappeared…the kid’s about two and a half.’ This refers to his former girlfriend, Suzanne Boyd, whom he impregnated. Because of his everlasting devotion to the kid, it is no wonder why he had a car of inferior standards and a repugnant vigilance in money. Marv finally receives happiness when Suzanne arranges to meet with Ed, with the child. As a result, his character transformed completely and became more joyful as a person – ‘he hugs me so hard…I can smell him, and taste the joy that leaks from inside him.’ The main objective of Audrey’s message was about Ed

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