The Revolutionary Pitching Velocity Training Strap

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SELLING A NOVEL SPORTS PRODUCT IDEA Introducing the Revolutionary Pitching Velocity Training Strap! As all baseball fans know, a recent episode of the HBO series Real Sports featured Seattle Mariners pitcher Steve Delabar whose professional baseball career was unexpectedly revived by a revolutionary new pitching training technique he had experimented with only for the purpose and in the context of his high school baseball coaching duties, long after he had resigned himself to the fact that his major league pitching career had been ended prematurely by a major elbow injury caused by the physiological stress of pitching. This was the inspiration for my new sports product invention: the revolutionary Pitching Velocity Training Strap. The program that saved Delabar's career is the technique developed by youth baseball coach Tom House that has already produced remarkable results with almost 1,000 school-age ball players. Briefly, the innovator realized that one of the main reason that pitching a baseball is so stressful is that the pitching motion develops only the anterior (front) of the shoulder muscles and not the posterior (back) shoulder muscles. The new training technique was inspired by the similarities between the baseball pitching motion and the tennis serving motion. Unlike baseball pitchers, however, tennis players rarely suffer shoulder injuries. This is because tennis players hold on to their racquets at the follow through whereas baseball pitchers release

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