Essay about The Revolutions of 1848

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The revolution of 1848 encompassed many of the European countries. The revolutions sweeping across Europe included Germany, Italy, and France, excluding Russia and England. Many historians refer to the year of 1848 as, “The Year of Revolutions”, because of how the revolts spread throughout Europe. The question is which political groups were the influence behind this revolution and what were the causes of the revolution. The revolution united many diverse groups of people; they were able to put aside their differences to move toward the greater good of the society as a whole. Perhaps, the revolution was about basic human survival, by means of having adequate food, shelter and the basic supplies to live; and political upheaval to make …show more content…

The industrious response to the growth of the population was parallel to the new population size. More people from rural areas were found moving to the cities to find work in the new industries that were created. The major problem that led up to the revolution was the tension that was forming between the classes. The working class had major issues dealing with survival in poverty. There were three main causes of the outbreak of the revolution in Germany such as: the down spiral of the business cycle, business failure and loss of job, and the harvest failures throughout Europe. The people sought after change but in the end they did not fully reach their goal. (“The revolutions of 1848: in Germany, Italy, and France”) In Italy, nationalism began to form, the conservative leaders felt threatened by the ideas of the nationalist as well as liberalist because the ideas were very radical. The pervasive crop failures for two consecutive seasons were part of the reason for the quick uprising. The working class as in Germany took the brunt of the problems that the loss of crops had on Italy, because they were those, “directly linked to their ability to buy food”. (“The Revolution of 1848”). Giuseppe Mazzini was a key supporter of unifying the Italian state. Mazzini as well as the pope’s support was required to raise an upheaval for a revolution. The Italian nationalist needed three key components to make their revolution happen as well as Mazzini and the pope’s support and

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