The Rhetorical Quotes In 'AOThe Boy'

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: Quote:half-glasses, forehead wrinkled as if the act of reading takes intense concentration. His gray hair is cut short, and his nose is crooked, probably broken a long time ago. A small gold hoop pierces one earlobe. The rolled-up sleeves of his shirt reveal muscular forearms, and his hands are rough and faintly scarred, his fingers stubby and thick.He looks like someone who is used to working with those hands rather than sitting at a desk
He is describing the officer and he went there so he can change his behavior because he was not behaving right, he was being disrespectful to others and his parents did not like the way he was acting. so they sent him away.This quote represents that the main character knows people without even meeting them based on their looks. The words that he uses to describe the sargent really shows how strict he is . this sergeant guy may be able to change the boy's behavior. His parents sent him here where there is strict environment.

2: Quote:Ahem.” Mr. Sparks clears his throat.Joe checks his watch. “The rest of you, go with Mr. Sparks to dinner.”They march away down the hall while I stay behind with Joe. We’re alone now.Pick it up, stupid.”Give it to me.”Pick it up, stupid.”Give it to me.”Finally, I make a mistake. He drops the wrapper and I bend to pick it up. Crunk! He knees me in the face. Blood gushes out of my nose, dripping onto my shirt. I tilt my head back and pinch the bridge of my nose, but it hardly stops the bleeding.
He was

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