The Rhetorical Triangle

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The current trend on social medias are pictures of landscapes. Many of the users of Instagram and other social media sites tend to post pictures of nature and its wonderful landscapes. But with so many pictures of nature and landscapes is there really a meaning behind the picture? After so many reproductions of a photo of nature is there really a significance or is nature used as a way to show off someone's photography skills. Can the Rhetorical Triangle help us find the meaning of those pictures.
The Rhetorical Triangle or also called Rhetorical Appeal originated from a ancient Greek philosopher and a rhetorician Aristotle. The Rhetorical Triangle is a triangle with three points that can help you understand a writing better and persuade the audience as well as help break down a writing to better understand. The three points of the Rhetorical triangle are Text, Rhetor and Audience. Starting with the first and top angle of the Rhetorical Triangle, logos or Text, this is the picture and what is on the picture. The photo I am currently analysing is of a landscape. It looks like it was taken at a hill where the view of the mountains, trees and clouds can all be seen very clearly. The colors on the photograph are very cold toned, there is green, blue and white. The topic of the photograph is the view and the beauty of nature.
Next is the second angle of the Rhetorical triangle is Ethos or Rhetor, which is according to Amy Berrier ethos is referred to the writers ethics and

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