The Richelle: A Short Story

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For reasons unknown, the Riches enjoy evenings, cupcakes, savoury dishes – well, you can guess the rest. What do they do? Not many survived to tell the tale. The ones that did however wrote documentations on it about them that later sold for millions of Spina(fictional currency) before they finally give in to insanity. A land bordered by very tall walls that not even air transports could get that high while attempt to see beyond it. So any aircrafts would have to go far around it to avoid the lethal mist emitted by the walls as well. In the walls however, were even more mysterious as outsiders fancy assuming whatever imagination they could mesh together and creating so many ridiculously preposterous theories that could make any Rich laugh like it was the funniest joke of the century and then switch into a full punching-frenzy mode. Regardless of the deteriorating mental states of those who returned from within the walls, the outsiders still dreamt that Richelle was a land of eternal paradise – where conflicts did not exist in any dictionaries and famine an unknown word. Those who exited were deemed unworthy of the land’s offering. But simplicity was the norm within the walls – the Riches woke up at dawn, the children went to school, adults work, and no one had anything against their living system. Let a …show more content…

They had duties to supervise the remaking of their destroyed planet some 2.6 million light years away – a small figure for the descendants of space voyagers – and every time they returned, the Riches celebrated. Those officers who returned would always see new progressions to their technology; like one month ago hover-vehicles and electrical-powered roads were the peak of what they could make a reality of it. The next three months roads became sprint tracks for training athletes and vehicles go through gravity-defying tubes in the sky – which was many times faster than the

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