The Right To Learn

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Child labor is a problem around the world, child labor occurs when poor families cannot afford to take care of their children. Although it’s a hard issue to take care of, organizations have helped these kids get out of child labor and into an education.

The Right to Learn

Children have the right to learn, they have the right to go to school and get an education. Since their families can’t afford for them to go to school, they have no other option but to skip months of school at a time to work out in the field. These children may not be in school until October or November at a time states article “Young Migrant Workers Toil in Us Fields.pdf.” With all of the missed days of school, their grades drop to C’s and B’s. An organization called MET has been helping these kids study on weekends and after school. “We have teachers here that have been helping us.” Says child labor victim Santos. “They’ve helped me with projects and studying on tests. My C’s and B’s have now turned to A’s and B’s, and it’s all thanks to MET.”
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Iqbal was only about 5 or 6. He soon escaped, but unfortunately Iqual was murdered at the age of 12. Because he spoke at many schools, other children would hear his story and get involved. Kids have been standing up against child labor and have raised money for schools for child labor refugees. As Iqbal’s story is shared across the nation, more kids contribute to help making Iqbal’s dream reality.

Effect on Iqbal’s
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