The Rights Of The United States

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Many people are not aware of their own rights, let along the fact that there are rights for victims. Before this class, I knew of a couple rights for victims, but not very many. I was uneducated in this area. For a long period of history, victims’ rights were not recognized, because they were not seen as necessary. Now there are thirty-two states that have added an amendment to their state constitutions including the rights of victims. However, these laws are not perfect. They do not apply to all victims of all crimes, and they do not always specify at what point after the crime these laws go into affect. In fact, only about half of the country affords rights to all victims, regardless of the crime. This number is too absolutely too low, but because people in general are unaware of this, there is no movement for change. There are some common rights that are given to victims by the state. These include right to compensation, notification of rights, notification of court appearances and ability to submit victim impact statements before sentencing. These are recognized for at least some victim classes. There are other common rights in a majority of states that are given to victims. These include right to restitution, to be treated with dignity and respect, to attend court and sentencing hearings, and to consult with court personnel before plea bargains are offered or defendants released from custody. If we look at all rights afforded to victims, we can include a right to

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