The Rights Of The United States

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Direct democracy is a government in which the people directly elect their officials, and vote on the laws which govern them. When a nation has a representative democracy, the people’s officials are elected to act in their stead (Text Pg. 24). The politicians are empowered by the people to govern and pass laws. A constitutional democracy is one in that the politicians are representatives of the people (Text Pg. 21). The politicians acknowledge that there are limitations on their power, and that the people are sovereign.

Democracy, as we know it, can be described by four important values. These four values are Personal Liberty, Individualism, Equality, and Opportunity (Text Pg. 25-26). Personal liberty is the freedom of individuals to determine their destinies. The citizen will determine his future, not the state (Text Pg. 25). Individualism is the belief in that everyone is equal in their right to being treated equitably (Text Pg. 25-26). The rights of the many do not outweigh the rights of the few. Equality is the right in which people are treated equally and given the same opportunities as anyone else is given (Text Pg. 26). Opportunity is the chance for everyone to have the chance to further themselves (Text Pg. 26-27). People have the right to their fair chance at succeeding in life, without discrimination. 2.

The Virginia Plan was an argument for an empowered central government with two houses of representation. Voters would elect representatives who would then

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