The Liberties Of The United States

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In the United States, citizens have rights, and the United States Constitution guarantees these rights. The Bill of Rights states the basic liberties of the people of this nation in the first ten amendments in the U.S. Constitution. However, these liberties can be met with denied liberty, while sacrificing freedom, as people live in fear threatened by racism, religious beliefs, police brutality, invasion of privacy, and the horrific terrorism acts on United States soil. The first amendment protects freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and other related rights. Interestingly, religious freedom is also one of the reasons for the founding of our country, as the ideological and religious freedom concept remains as strong today, as it was at the time of the founding of the United States. Individual rights are persons’ rights as these rights pertain to the goal of our national government to provide the same level of rights adequately to all its citizens. Human rights are universal, and these rights include any person not on basis of race, color, gender or disability not be denied. However, an individual’s human right is forthcoming by the government power. All perpetrators deemed to justice, as it is necessary, in part, by the U.S. government to protect citizens from any terror threats and/or acts. In the United States judicial system, the U.S. Supreme Court “have the task of interpreting civil liberties and civil rights, that is defining the rights of the
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