The Ring Of Gymes Myth Analysis

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The Ring of Gymes myth assumes that human beings are more prone to commit injustices when no regulations and punishments are put in place. As I expected, people have different views on such subject. For example, my youngest coworker’s opinion on the matter is that people are born unaware of distinguishing what is just and what is unjust, so they learn to be one or the other in relation to society. For instance, she agrees with the fact that human beings would easily commit injustices if they could, and it is only because of the laws put in place by our society that many people behave themselves. Additionally, she thinks that a man who practices moderation may be a just man, but the same man can not claim to be fully happy since he is controlling …show more content…

A child is only aware of his needs and will try to satisfy them, but a mother sets rules and punishments in order to teach her child how to behave. For instance, the correction of the behavior of the child could be compared to the practicing of moderation. The mother teaches the child how to control himself, and her rules are meant to do good, not bad. Personally, I believe that all human beings are capable of committing injustices in order to satisfy their greed and physical pleasures, but not all would choose to do so in the absence of laws. Stating such thing would be like stating that all human beings are like a copy cat of one another, simply following their animal instincts. Rules are fundamental in a society in order to prevent chaos, but not all people behave a certain way just for fear of repercussions. In fact, some humans are simply just people, who choose to do good because that is what fulfills their being. Definitely, I agree with Plato’s vision that one who practices moderation also lives in harmony with himself and others, making him most likely a just man. My thoughts have not changed after reading the first chapter of the book. Actually, I feel like they are now stronger than ever. The study of philosophy is essential for those who, like me, want to have a deeper view of what life is. Something that is in constant motion, ever changing, and always a wonderful

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