The Riot On Racism And White Supremacy Essay

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In the year 1898 in the town of Wilmington, North Carolina a riot occurred between the African American inhabitants and the white minority of the city. Several historians accuse the origin of the riot on racism and white supremacy. Although these two beliefs have been around for countless years, and African Americans received the right to vote almost thirty years’ prior, no demonstration nor aggressive threats, to the point in which was seen in 1898, had occurred in Wilmington until that year. The Wilmington Race Riot was the reaction of the “sociopolitical conditions” that were being applied by the Democratic Party to win the election through a sequence of diabolical campaign tactics just like creating partial accusations about the “negroes” of the town thus, creating unconstitutional practices, and threatening their existence.
The African American population had acquired notable ranks prior to the revolt, such as mayors, firemen, City Hall janitors, positions on the Board of Aldermen, etc. Black and white neighbors resided amongst each other. This was considered normal in Wilmington unlike any other place in North Carolina up until the Republican Party won the election of 1894 . According to Robertson of Wilmington there was “40 negro magistrates in the count” and “the custom house officers are negroes” and also the Republican representative from New Hanover was African American. He nagged about the state that the eastern part of North Carolina was in. He did this so much

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