Rise And Fall Of Mongol Empire Essay

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The Rise and Fall of the Mongol Empire
The term “Mongol” is often thought of as negative; most think of the cruel, violent and barbaric people of ancient china. While this is true in some aspects, the Mongol’s of ancient china were way more than just this. In Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World, we learn just how advanced and how massive the Mongol empire was. Genghis Khan and the Mongols were the dominant force that shaped Europe, Asia and consequently the modern world. They are known for not what they destroyed, but for what they built. Such a huge and successful empire sounds as if it is invincible, but this was not true; the Mongol empire was simply too big of a monster to last. What assisted the Mongols in building the …show more content…

To promote all religions, Genghis Khan exempted religious leaders and their property from taxation and from all types of public service" (Weatherford, Jack, Genghis Khan, p. 69) Some more achievements of Genghis Khan include his capturing of Peking in 1215 and conquering of the Muslim empire of Khwarezmia in 1221. Eventually Genghis Khan passed away on August 18, 1227, but this significant event allowed for his sons and grandsons to continue to rule the empire. Ogedei Khan was next in line and ruled from 1229 to 1241. He was then followed by Guyuk Khan, Mongke Khan and eventually Kublai Khan. All of which helped to expand the empire after Genghis Khans death, and eventually encompassing most of inhabitable Eurasia with the help of the extremely large Mongol army.
The Mongols ' were the first modern army. This army was built on a rational structure and promotion was strictly on merit. “They were willing to adopt and combine systems from everywhere. Without deep cultural preferences in these areas, The Mongols implemented pragmatic rather than ideological solutions” (Weatherford, Jack, Genghis Khan, p. 233). The Mongols were rigorously disciplined and highly mobile, they could execute complex tactical maneuvers in silence upon orders from centralized command. They were also known for their speed and efficiency with the help of Horse and Bow, and the movement of goods with the

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