Hikikomori Thesis

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Ho Huyen Trang (ID: 1708318)
Prof. Vahid Rafieyan
Expository Research Writing
First Draft
Thesis statement: The main factors which contributed to the rise of Hikikomori are the traditional Japanese family parenting, the education system and the change in the labor market.

In modern Japan society, there are million young adults who refuse to work and engage in social interaction. This phenomenon, which known as "Hikikomori", has become a serious socio-psychological issue within the country. Hikikomori are adolescents or adults who have withdrawn from social interactions and isolated themselves in their living quarters for a period over 6 months. The word "Hikikomori" was first introduced by a Japanese researcher, Norihiko Kitao, in the late 1990s. However, commentators believed that the phenomenon had started from 1950 after the Second World War. Many Japanese novels published in the 1950s described the life of high school students refused to get out of their house or interacting with their same-age friends. From that time, the number of people withdrawn from social activities has been …show more content…

Researches have demonstrated the involvement of traditional way of parenting, the rigidity of the education system and labor market in the rise of social withdrawal. Overall, the rapid-changing in Japanese society since the end of the World War has created difficulties in the attempt of adjusting to new circumstances for the youngers stepping in their adulthood in this period. The continuous expansion of the phenomenon until present has raised an alarm for the authorities and Japanese parents. It is necessary for the government to take action and conducts more researches to find a solution to the issue while parents also play an important role in taking care of their children' mental health in order to decrease the number of people becoming

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