The Rise Of Islamic Extremist Groups

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some of the conditions that have led to the rise of islamic extremist groups in some of the 55 muslim-majority nations in the world are that U.S. administrations mostly support dictators in the Muslim world, as long as they are allies and follow american orders , ignoring their records on human rights, accountability, and democracy.many of the countries are dysfunctional corrupt repressive state neither willing nor capable of reform yet americans will support them if they are a use to American needs

there are many positive signs that the muslim world are moving towards more liberal democratic societies. As communist development , islamic and secular governance fail to deliver solutions to growing social and economic needs, Muslim intellectuals started to advocate democracy and human rights. They did so not only to achieve modernity, development, and dignity, but also to ensure a better practice of Islam. The strong pressures toward liberalization, are caused by the media providing many endless alternative governing ways from other countries.

some of the myths that circulate concerning the islamic faith and democratic government are for westerns are that there is no democracy in the Muslim world, Islam is anti democratic and inherently authoritarian.Islam has a set of values inferior to western liberalism and is a barrier to the global progress of civilization. for some muslims democracy is a rule of humans as opposed to Islam, which is rule of God. some muslims

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