Essay The Rise of Christianity Analysis

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Why has Christianity grown so fast and how it’s spread through so many different counties. From what I have gathered from the readings I think some of the major events that happened was the temples getting destroyed over and over until they finally just kind of gave up. Also, how they stayed with other people no matter poor rich hungry cold, they even stayed and help people when the plague was there. That was when the religion really started to spread, due to people seeing more Christians survive and that Christians would take anybody in and help them. So over all, the rise of Christianity came from not just one thing, but many different things and what they did to help. Many liked Christianity because it was more appealing, happier, …show more content…

At the end of the Babylonians raid the first temple was destroyed. The second temple got destroyed during Rome’s stop to the first Jewish revolt. The temple became the object of grand fury. Only after a short six years after this temple was complete the Titus soldiers burnt it to the ground. Christianity is so appealing to so many people in the Roman Empire because it gives people ideas of why things happen the way it is. It was simple; it only has one god who is the creator of everything rather then the old complex religion that is a bunch of gods for everything there is. It explains why there’s evil in the universe and what is evil. It gives the people a sense of moral structure of the universe. The idea of God guaranteed safety and justice to all gave followers a sense of community and fellowship to the people. It was available to ordinary folks rather than just the higher class. There are many differences between Christian and Humanist two most important differences I can think of are there belief in god and the family values. Christian’s point of view of god: God do exist in the universe and he is active in almost all human affairs. He is the creator, provider, lawgiver, savior, redeemer, and the judge of all the people. Stark disagrees with normal belief. That Christianity was started by the lesser lower class and burdened individuals, but it was mainly the middle and upper classes that started this movement in cities. He

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