The Rise of Four Empires in 300 B.C. to 200 B.C. Essay

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The great empires that flourished between 300 B.C.E and 200 B.C.E. can all be broken down into the four factors the contributed to their rise. Although each empire faced prolonged periods of conflict, all four empires succeeded in imposing unity and order among the people. The rise of these empires can be attributed to four specific factors crucial to their construction. The factors crucial to the rise of the great empires included having a centralized form of leadership with enforced uniform legal codes, having powerful military forces, a strong economy, and technological advances. Ultimately an efficiently run, centralized government along side powerful military forces caused the success of the empires however in the same not a …show more content…

In comparison the Romans accentuated the duty of the upper class to set moral examples and devote their lives to public service.
The military strength of an empire determined its ultimate success or failure as an empires military power was directly connected to its economic status and government rule. The military forces and diplomatic alliances protected ancient empires. Military strength maintained the success of the empire created through conquest. Contributing to the decline of the empires, the wealth generated by powerful empires inspired envy leaving outsiders waiting in hesitation for opportunities to breach defenses of empires like the Han and the Roman empire. Successful empires such as the Hellenistic, the roman,Han and Mauryan possessed weapons and military technology superior to those of their enemies. The great empires added to this technological superiority through their defensive installations. For example the great wall in China or the Hadrians wall in Roman Britain. A strong and powerful military force brought safety and provided the preconditions for further economic expansion and technological innovation. With that being said, weak military strength could be and inevitably was detrimental to the empires as defeated military forces were the cause of decline for the great empires.
A third factor indispensable to the construction of the great empires was the concept

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