The Road At The Intersection Of S.h

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Although driving to and from places is a normal part of many people’s daily routine, it is often forgotten that driving is a dangerous task that demands all attention of a driver for the safety of the occupants of a vehicle. For our safety, cities must provide the best roads and intersections to keep driving a safeguarded activity. As a resident of Tomball and a driver on the roads, I have noticed that the feeder road at the intersection of S.H. 249 and F.M. 2920 located next to Lowe’s and Chase Bank has caused big issues for drivers. Ever since S.H. 249 became a toll road, many Tomball residents have avoided paying high fees for driving short distances by taking this service road. This has caused much more traffic, especially, during rush hour around this area. Many businesses such as Ross, Target, Academy, and Chick Fil A are located here, and are contributing factors to the congestion. I myself have had a few close calls at this intersection. However, the issue did not become apparent to me until my best friend was in an accident at this intersection. Fortunately, she walked away from the accident unharmed, but her brand new car was totalled. Losing anyone at this intersection would be devastating for myself and my community. S.H. 249 South is the main problem, it often gets backed up past the entire Lowe’s parking lot. This road consists of three lanes: the far left lane being a turn only lane, the middle lane being a lane that turns left and goes straight, and the far

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