The Road Not Taken By Robert Frost Essay

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Two Roads, Two Choices, One Decision “The Road Not Taken,” written by Robert Frost, discusses a traveler who has to make a choice between two roads. In the first stanza, the traveler remembers standing at an intersection of two roads. Indecisive about which road to take, he seems to believe that one of the roads would be more beneficial to him (Lee 5). In stanza two, the narrator refers to the traveler’s unexpected decision to take the other road by giving details of it. In addition, the narrator compares the two roads and points out their similarities. In the third stanza, the author highlights again the resemblance of the two roads by saying the traveler wishes to return to the other path the same day. He also recognizes that he would possibly not come back. Similarly, stanza four visualizes the traveler’s future, where he is still questioning the other path because he says that the path he is choosing is less traveled than the one that he is abandoning (Lee 5). The narrator refers to “individualism” as the major theme of the poem because the traveler is alone and has to make a difficult decision on his own. Frost also said that the tension in the poem is based on the traveler’s interaction with nature. He has a sense of wonder at the beauty of the natural world as he is searching for his own place within nature’s involvement. The title of the poem “The Road Not Taken,” assures autonomy of choice. Most readers fail to understand this initial expectancy of literally

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