The Road Not Taken By Robert Frost Analysis

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“The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost was published in 1916. It is one of the world’s most known poems. There is an immense degree of symbolism and quite a few different interpretations have been offered by different people. One of Frost’s friends, Edward Thomas, was also a poet and he took long daily walks with Frost. It is believed that this inspired Frost to compose “The Road Not Taken”. This poem is about making a major decision when a person is dealing with a dilemma and some decisions are not always easy to make. The speaker chooses to walk down a path that has not been walked down by many. This poem is about deciding between two different things and deciding which could have a better outcome. In the first stanza of “The Road Not Taken”, the speaker states that there is a fork in the road. He knows that he cannot travel both, he must choose which one he will take. To make his decision, he looks down each path to see which one would be best for him. This can be applied to real life. Someone could be faced with a dilemma and must decide what to do. Before deciding, he or she delves into each choice, examining possible outcomes and obstacles of each. He or she would make an informed decision. For example, Bill Gates only attended Harvard University for two years before dropping out to found Microsoft. He was faced with a tough decision to make. He could have kept attending Harvard University, one of the best schools in the country, or he could drop that opportunity and

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