The Road To Individuality In John Krakauer's Into The Wild

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Criterion of the Commonwealth
Individuality, in theory, is almost always counted as an admirable trait. Practically speaking, the path of the individual is more often derided and regarded as foolhardy or selfish. No one can know what is truly in the heart and soul of another individual or what drives them, but one has to wonder how much of their motivation is pushing themselves toward some aspirational ideal versus pulling away and rejecting their roots in society. Chris McCandless and many others like him have set their mind to that lofty goal -- of achieving a state of total self-reliance and individuality, and to most it is seen as a seemingly pure ambition. That said, one must consider, if their actions are less in hopes of aspiring to a remarkable achievement or more so in the hope of escaping and rebelling against a loss of free thought that accompanies society. Liken to what is represented in John Krakauer’s Into The Wild, the journey on the road to individuality is a long and tedious one. While motives for one's departure from society may allude to being pure and unadulterated - by the push of society itself - oftentimes, individuals stray away from their path and actively work against the society from which they came from. By rejecting society, they infer a judgement on the majorities adherence to social norms.
Much of the transcendentalist literature points out that society often punishes those who are different and refuse to acknowledge the call of conformity. In

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