Essay on The Road of Joseph Ratzinger t Pope Ementus Benedict

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The Pope is the Bishop of Rome and the leader of the Catholic Church. This is something that started right after the death of Jesus. When Jesus resurrected, he said to St. Peter, “Feed my lambs.... Tend my sheep.... Feed my sheep.” This command given to Peter made him the head of the apostles, henceforth, making him the first Pope. Peter would rule for approximately 34 years, and when he died he was succeeded by St. Linus. The tradition of serving as Pope until death was started by Peter and has been carried on for centuries. Since Peter, there have been 264 Popes and very few have not stayed in power until their death. Most recently, and most commonly known, is Pope Benedict XVI. As the successor of John Paul II, Benedict chose to …show more content…

He studied philosophy and theology at the University of Munich. This marked the end of his time as a Nazi solider. When asked about his time as a Nazi Solider in an interview, he answered by saying, “The holocaust was a dark time in my life; one that continues to haunt me.” On June 29, 1951, Joseph Ratzinger was ordained a priest. During his time as a priest, Ratzinger spent most of his time teaching. He taught dogma and fundamental theology at Freising College, and was later given a chair position in the subject of Dogmatic Theology at the University of Tubingen. Joseph moved through the hierarchy rather quickly. Just eight years after being ordained, he was named the chief theological expert to Cardinal Joseph Frings during the second Vatican Council, held on January 25, 1959. 1977 was a huge year for Joseph Ratzinger. In March, he was named archbishop of Munich and Freising, and in June, he was officially confirmed a cardinal by Pope Paul VI. Ratzinger was part of the College of Cardinals. This is a group of Cardinals that assist the Pope in making decisions about the Church. In 1998, he was elected as vice dean of the college, and by 2002, he was elected the dean. Ratzinger’s ability to move up the hierarchy quickly made him the prime choice when it came time to pick a new pope in 2005. After the death of John Paul II, the Catholic Church needed to elect a new Pope. On April 19, 2005,

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