The Rohingy The Causes Of Conflict As A Global Conflict

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Conflict occurs when people disagree with each other whether it be what one is doing, saying or even believes. Often times this leads to violence from the opposing sides who are trying to stop the other. When it takes place at the level of it being a global conflict involving countries then the violence tends to be catastrophic resulting in many lives lost and others injured. Countries have conflicts within itself, for example, the American Civil War when the North and South were fighting each other. This conflict derived from the policy of slavery when the North wanted to abolish while the South wanted to keep their slaves. The Rohingya crisis is similar in that it is a conflict happening within the country of Myanmar, but it is over the Rohingya people not being recognized as citizens.

Located in the Rakhine State of Myanmar resides approximately 1 million people who are a stateless Muslim minority known as the Rohingya. These people are being denied their human rights by not allowing them to own land or property. This means that the land they are currently living on, which is also the only land many Rohingya have known, can be taken away from them at any time. Myanmar sees the Rohingya as illegal immigrants and refusing to recognize them as citizens or one of the ethnic groups out of 135 in their country (CNN, 2017). Prior to the violence, the Rohingya people were able to live alongside the Buddhist of Myanmar although it was not in harmony. On August 25 of 2017 is when

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