The Role Of Alliances In The Early 20th Century

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Early 20th Century The beginning of the 20th century many countries had alliances that are almost like friends between each other witch would ironically start the largest war the world has seen at the time. WW1 was between two groups of alliances, the Central powers that consisted of Germany Austria- hungry Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire. The other side was the allied powers which consisted of Great Britain France and Italy. Each side thought this massive war would be over very quickly because of all the technologies in new weaponry such as machine guns, tanks, airplane warfare, submarines and chemical weapons were thought to overpower anyone who tried to fight back. Chemical weapons were said to be too inhuman and destructive to be used during war so they are now banned from any confutation. Just less than 11 years after WW1 ended all the big business and Wall St thriving after the war all collapsed starting a …show more content…

All of these agencies were just the first step of the new deal. These agencies were split into 3 groups, relief, recovery and reform. Relief consisted of Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), Public Works Administration (PWA) or he Works Progress Administration (WPA) and National Youth Administration (NYA). All of these programs’s were strictly to get people employed and start making money again. Recovery consisted of Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA) and the 21st amendment. AAA was started to help farmers get better pays by eliminating the surplus of food. The 21st amendment applied the 18th that banned the sale of alcohol which didn’t do anything but created organized crime. The last part of the New deal was reform. Reform consisted of Social Security Act (SSA) and The National Recovery Administration (NRA). SSA helped people who couldn’t work still have a income and NRA helped stabilize wages and working

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