The Role Of An Adult Nurse On The Health Care Profession

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Being new to Psychology, I am excited to share my understanding on the role of an Adult Nurse in the Health Care Profession. Health care in our Society today has improved vastly, compared to the War times. Care standards, equipment, methods of caring has been improved upon with the creation of more specialized units and qualified Professionals. Making a decision, regarding the particular field in the Health Care sector to specialize in can be difficult, because there are many factors to be considered. Abieyuwa Imarhiagbe. Nursing Group E. Task 1(1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 3.1& 3.2): ANALYSE THE ROLE OF AN ADULT NURSE IN A HEALTH CARE PROFESSION. To clearly understand the role of a Healthcare Professional, the definition of the term Healthcare…show more content… (Accessed 22/11/2015) The responsibilities of the role of an Adult Nurse include: • Responsible for all nursing care delivered to a patient. • Empowering and motivating both colleagues and patients. • Patients’ awareness. • Provision of Holistic care. • Effective communication. • Promotion of equality, diversity and rights. • Provision of Care plan. • Advocating on patient’s behalf. • Effectively communicating with, and relieving the anxiety of patients and their relatives. Adult Nurses are the vital connection between patients and their medical doctors; however some patients oppose being attended to by a Nurse and will rather have a Doctor attending to them. According to NHS career advisers, being a professional Adult nurse entails possessing many attributes, which are as follows in the table below. ( ) Accessed 22/11/2015. Qualities Skills Values To be patient. Ability to communicate effectively. Caring. Able to work as a team. Numeracy and literacy. Positive personality. Ability to prioritize care. Information Technology. Compassionate. Good time management (punctuality). Critical thinking. Respect peoples’ ethnicity or religion. Flexible. Ability to be alert and Observant. Ability to tolerate. Committed. Being honest. Honesty. Confidentiality. Trustworthiness. The above mentioned qualities, skills and values are required in the healthcare profession. Adult nurses needs to be committed to the job,
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