The Role Of An EM Director

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It takes many dedicated people to effectively run an EMS program. Although one position may or may not be more important than the other, it takes a well-organized team working together to have successful program. The Program Director is accountable for the entire program. Ultimately responsible for the curriculum approval from the institution, and adhering to the state and local regulatory agencies. It is the responsibility of the director to secure the tools needed to effectively and successfully complete the objectives of the curriculum. Not only does this include adequate classroom availability, but also properly working equipment, supplies, materials, and safe clinical and field training sites. Additionally, the faculty selection and evaluation, as well as the quality assurance of material delivered is a major role for the program director. …show more content…

The medical director is the oversight for the medical portion of the program. Their responsibility in a nut shell is to make sure the medical education distributed is accurate, up-to-date and meets the criteria. They are active in review of the curriculum, approving and evaluating written exams, and monitoring practical skills whether in a testing environment or in the classroom. The medical director also evaluates the quality of the instruction delivered by the

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