The Role Of An Epic Hero And Naruto Uzumaki

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An epic hero is someone who truly lives up to their name throughout all knowledge. When one considers and epic hero, Beowulf will definitely be one to think about. One that I believe fits the role of an Epic Hero whole-heartedly is Naruto Uzumaki who became a highly praised leader. Loyalty is the first quality that they both have in common. Beowulf is known to be of noble birth and loyal to his country. As it states by the poet, “‘that the monster’s scorn of men/Is so great that he needs no weapons and fears none. Nor will I. My lord Higlac Might think less of me…’” (pg 414). This quote proves his faithfulness to his cousin Higlac, who is King of the Geats, of the refusal to use a weapon against one who does not have one. Naruto, who grew up without knowing the identity of his parents, was scorned by the villagers who knows of his true identity of what is within him. As the year’s progresses, Naruto continuously shares little but no hatred to his people. He has remained in the village and endlessly makes his way to the top to be recognized as someone important. He’s saved the village plenty of times during tragic times and times of ruins. Both heroes are considered to have their own ways of loyalty but I believe that Naruto’s loyalty provides a bigger meaning impact on his people and to his future. Valor, also defined as bravery, is the second quality similar between both heroes. Beowulf throughout his lifetime has been filled with determination and desire to protect

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