The Role Of Cohabitation As A Form Of Relationship And The Reasons Why People Choose Co Habitation

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This paper will examines the concept of cohabitation as a form of relationship and the reasons why people prefer co-habitation relationship to formal marriage, including its social appeal. Furthermore, the paper attempts to proffer reasons why people choose co-habitation by examining the role agents of socialization-family, peer and education and mass media play in the decision making process of people who chose this type of relationship, including an explanation of the main differences between marriage and cohabitation. Finally, the paper concludes with reasons why and if, co-habitation is an alternative to marital relationships.

From the outset of this paper, it will be useful to clarify what this paper seeks to …show more content…

What is cohabitation? According to Knox, “co-habitation involves two adults that are unrelated by blood or by law and are involved in an emotional and sexual relationship”. In addition, “people involved in cohabitation must sleep in the same residence at least four nights a week for three months” for such relationship to qualify as cohabitation. Kuperberg, A, in his research survey, in order to properly define the target audience of the research survey lends support to this definition or characteristic of people who cohabitates were “identified by the question “Some couples live together without being married. By living together, we mean having a sexual relationship while sharing the same usual address”. Guzzo, K. B explained that, “Cohabitation is now the modal first union for young adults and most marriages are preceded by cohabitation even as fewer cohabitations transition to marriage” and according to García Pereiro, T., Pace, R., & Grazia Didonna, M. stated that “during the last 50 years cohabitation has gained increased prominence, at differing tempos and to varying degrees, throughout Europe, and it has become an increasingly popular option for partnering”. The question then is this? Why must the individuals meet this criterion to be viewed as a relationship? In other words, is it a societal or social norm or sociological classification? Does the law recognize cohabitation and accords it the same benefits people in

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