The Role Of Colonialism During The Emergence Of Black And Brown

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The role of colonialism in the creation of an inherent Brown and Black criminality and the ways in which the early emergence of Black and Brown as a construct occurred by the creation of laws that incriminated them and the egregious discourse against them that resulted in racial violence. Racial violence is a legal and extralegal production and exploitation of group differentiated vulnerability to premature death (lecture 3 1/17/17). The way that Brown and Black people are seen as criminals today has historical roots that are attached to colonialism. Imperialism and colonialism are thus instruments through which an empire is achieved (Bosworth pg. 14). In particular, the sense of cultural and racial superiority that accompanies colonialism …show more content…

To suppress the “customary taking,” the London Metropolitan Police penalized stealing from private property. With the help of discourse from Patrick Colquhoun, stereotypes against the Irish exacerbated their criminalization. Medical terminology was applied to the Irish; they were conceived as a diseased social body within, which the mass of laborers was ‘contaminated’ (Williams pg. 327). The Irish Riot Act passed in 1787 was placed to squander ‘agrarian disturbances’ which considered unlawful assembly a felony punishable by death (William pg. 340). Ideology or discourse makes laws understandable and legal even if the laws are based on racial profiling and discrimination (1/17/17 Lecture 3). Therefore, the neither Irish nor Brown and Black people have access to full entitlement of what laws and democracy are supposed to protect.
Property is so deeply embedded it is attached to personhood that it is based on race. The Naturalization Act of 1970 constituted that citizenship is exclusively for White property owner of good moral qualities. Anyone out of the grid is not considered human. This is an inherent contradiction of the constitution (1/17/17 Lecture 3). The ownership of acquired land by Anglos required the removal and containment of people inhabiting the land. The justification of the removal of Natives was that they were not utilizing the land for profit and they were not considered human. Lands rich in copper metal and other resources, were incentive for

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