The Role Of Computer Technician On The Healthcare Industry

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In this day and age computers play a key role in our daily activities and lives overall. Computers are especially critical to the success of large, medium, and small businesses. For example, in the Healthcare industry computers are used daily to track patient care. In order to gain a better understanding of how computers are used in the Healthcare industry, an interview was conducted with an IT Professional working for a Contract Research Organization (CRO) focusing on Clinical Research. During the interview the role of the Computer Technician was discussed. The focus was mainly on job responsibilities pertaining to the Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise operating system. The discussion included installation, configuration, maintenance, …show more content…

During the image creation process the computer technician runs the Windows 7 installation wizard, which formats and partitions the hard drive of the computer. To review the disk partitions and formatting after installation the computer technician can open Computer Management… Disk Management. As seen below in Figure 1, BitLocker encryption is used to ensure disk security. BitLocker will be reviewed later under the Security section.
Following Windows 7 installation there are several configuration options changed to control what the user is allowed to do on the computer once they receive it. One configuration change applied restricts the user from installing additional software. Removing the user from the Local Administrators group on the computer achieves this. However, the computer technician can install software for a user by logging in with an administrative account. Then the Add | Remove Programs Control Panel application is used to install the required software such as Microsoft Office. The computer technician can also change operating system configurations through other Control Panel utilities. Although this is not recommended, the computer technician can use the Windows Registry tool called regedit.exe to manipulate configuration settings.
To ensure the user of the computer remains productive the operating system must be maintained, updated, secured and protected by IT. In order to maintain the operating system there

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